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Exhibition Highlights


The Reasons of Participating in the Expo:
1. One of the exhibitions supported and recognized by the government departments of Nanning;
2. The largest agricultural event in the South China, with the industry giants on the same stage, to comprehensively enhance your brand value;
3. More than 60,000 distributors will attend the conference which is a great promotion for your bands and products;
4. After years of cultivation, becoming the agriculture industry direction mark.
5. National agricultural associations cooperate with experienced Zhongwei Exhibition Group ensuring the effectiveness of the exhibition;
6. Accurate mufti-channel audience invitation plan, let you have close contact with customers in the modern planting industry;
7. Providing the most complete and effective high-quality services, creating unlimited business opportunities for exhibitors;
8. Full-scale three-dimensional advertising to ensure the vested interests for exhibitors.